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Revolutionary technology -

Athlete's highlight video in less than 12 seconds

Experience this fun app that lets you Get in the Game in real time and help your athlete and your team succeed. 

Awesome App's Features

FlipsCored is an app that allows parents and other spectators “get in the game”, and help their athlete develop and capture their success on video and be able to share it with other people.

Embedded Score in your Video

Record the game with the official score automatically embedded in your video

Athlete's Game Highlights

Generate game highlights for one or more players in about 10 seconds!
The tagged highlights are available immediately after the game is done

Cloud Storage

Upload full length match videos to the cloud to archive, and free-up space on your device or computer

Match & Highlights Sharing

Share full length match videos with other players, parents, or coaches. Or share highlights to your social media, friends, and family

Compressed Video Format

Smaller file size takes less space on your device and transfer quickly between users

Download Any Match Video

You can download and watch any match videos in the system that you have rights to, as well as generate highlight videos

How does this App Work?

Tag your player/s during live match

Simply tap the button when your player touches the ball. Decide if this was a good touch by "liking" the tag. You can also see the live score from the same screen. This is a lot of fun!

Generate Highlight Video

Filter the touches by player/s, action/s, or like status, and generate the highlights reel in about 10 seconds!

Share Highlights

Export highlights to phone's photo library, or share on social media, or send to grandma, friends, or college coaches

Automatic Embedded Score

The FlipsCored camera can display the current official score right on the screen. Just select the game that you want to record, and Voilà, it’s right there. No more pointing the camera to the scoreboard, reading the score, or watching a recorded game without a score.

When you and other spectators use the FlipsCored app to live tag the game (on other devices), the highlights will be available immediately on your recorded video

Share Full Game Videos

Upload your filmed games directly to the FlipsCored cloud and allow other parents, players, and coaches download the game, so they can also Get in the Game. Uploading match videos is completely free.

Get a different perspective by watching the same highlight from different angles and different point of view.

Sharing large video files of games is no longer an hassle, but can be done easily directly from the app.

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